Whether it’s an annual report or a piece of research, you need a professional eye to edit your work, offer comments and format the document from the front page to the end of the bibliography at the back.

We love that work and, with an eye for detail, we make sure every word counts.

A list of current and past clients includes:

Education International:

Opportunities and Hope through Education 2017
Spain: Hope through diversity 2017 
Organising Teaching, Developing the power of the profession 2017
Education for Refugee and Unaccompanied Children in Italy 2017

Kenya: Bridge vs. Reality 2016
Profiting from the Poor: The Emergence of Multinational Edu-Businesses in Hyderabad, India  2016

The Status of Teachers and the Teaching Profession, 2015
Alternative report presented to the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (CESCR)
Quadrennial Survey Report on Equality and Diversity
, 2015

Privatisation in Early Childhood Education, 2015
Education for All: Perspectives from the Classroom, 2015
Baseline Report on Unite for Quality Education project in Uganda, 2014
Getting Teacher Migration & Mobility Right, 2014
Global Managerial Education Reforms and Teachers, 2013
Future of the Teaching Profession: EI Research Institute study, 2013

Education International Annual Report & Activity Report 2012, 2013, 2014.

Education International Research Institute

Engaging with older people in local communities booklet