My top apps

People often me what apps are the best to use for social media, images, videos – and there are so many around, it’s almost impossible to know which ones are good and which are a waste of time.

Here’s a list of apps/websites I’ve compiled that I either use myself, almost daily, or that are used regularly by businesspeople whom I trust.


  1. free image websites


  1. image editing apps



Studio Design


  1. image editing websites for posters, graphics



PowerPoint – not really a website, but does the trick


ResizeImage – does what it says on the tin


  1. videos

Pexels – free videos

Phonto – app to add text to your video

Add Music to Video Editor – app

FilmoraGo – free video editor


  1. social media

Top Tags for likes on Instagram

Buffer – to schedule posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

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