Build your confidence at Public Speaking

pub-spCommunicate with confidence and clarity

Public speaking doesn’t only involve making speeches. It’s about having the confidence to speak at meetings, whether that’s at work or your parent-teacher association. It’s about having the confidence to ask questions of your doctor or bank manager. It’s about being able to say, ‘No, I don’t understand that – what do you mean when you say …’

This short course will help you boost your self-confidence and make a good impression when you are speaking.

It will cover:

  • Planning what you are going to say
  • Seeking out opportunities to practice
  • How to engage with listeners
  • Being aware of your body language
  • Coping with nerves

This course is aimed at people who wish to build their confidence when speaking to others, whether you are chairperson of a club or in business, whether you have to address a class or a meeting about your children.

If you get nervous about being called on to speak or find it difficult to express yourself to others, or have poor eye contact, this course is also for you!

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