Social Media Workshops

Internet for Small Businesses

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This course is designed to help people starting out in business to make the best use of the Internet.

Course Content:

Boost your productivity by using the Internet to your advantage whether that’s through Facebook, a website, using Dropbox to share files, using a smartphone wisely, or paying your bills and suppliers online.

Wexford Local Development, Wexford – annually

Social Media Workshops for Small Businesses

Participant Profile:

These courses are designed to help people running small businesses to use social media to improve their business profile locally and nationally through online networks.

On Facebook, learn how to set up a Facebook business page, what to post on Facebook, how often to post promotions about your products/services, how to find similar businesses and build the number of your Fans. Individual Facebook business pages will also be reviewed.

On LinkedIn, learn how to set up a profile, what groups to join, how to gain connections, and how to leverage the most from your contacts, connections and recommendations.
On Twitter, learn how to post, use hashtags, link with other users, and how to gain extra reach for your profile and posts.
Gorey Community School, Gorey, Co Wexford





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