Time management tips to boost productivity

Time management is the new holy grail. We’re all so time poor these days that rushing has become part of our work and personal lives. But, if you can manage your time effectively, you can boost your productivity. And feel less stressed. And when you feel less stressed, you make fewer mistakes. When you work efficiently, you get more done. […]

Celebrating Lifelong Learning

Not surprisingly, we’re big fans of a lifelong learning plan here at SpellCheck.ie! As someone who completed most of my third-level qualifications as a mature student, I firmly believe in ongoing adult education and training. So, it’s been a pleasure to be asked by the National Association of Community School Adult Education Directors – a mouthful, I know! – to […]

Best apps for social media marketing

People often ask me what are the best apps for social media marketing, images, videos – and there are so many around, it’s almost impossible to know which ones are good and which are a waste of time. Here’s a list of apps/websites I’ve compiled that I either use myself, almost daily, or that are used regularly by business people […]

Is your blog relevant to your audience?

Is your blog relevant to your audience? I’ve just tried to find an interesting blog on Public Relations (PR). So, I googled ‘PR blog’ and found a listing of the top 100 PR blogs. Excellent, someone had done all the work and ranked the 100 most popular PR blogs with links to each. But, there, the fun ended. I must […]

Can a business survive in a rural area?

Given the hype about how well urban areas are doing, you might wonder business survival in a rural area. You might argue that you’ve got no footfall, employment prospects are poorer, broadband is slow – and … In the US, an interest in shopping local and the lower costs of living and doing business are cited as reasons to be […]