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Solicitor by day, blogger by night!

Bumbles of Rice blogSinead Fox has two identities – by day, she’s a corporate solicitor in Dublin, by night, she’s an award-winning blogger on Bumbles of Rice blog based in North Wexford.

“I started the Bumbles of Rice blog when the kids were small,” says Sinead, adding that she and her husband both work in Dublin. “We top and tail our commutes, so I leave early in the morning and am home early – my husband isn’t home until later in the evening.”

Twitter magic

Whereas most of us would gorge on box sets after the kids go to bed, Sinead turned to Twitter! “I was bored, sitting on the couch in the evenings, and I love to cook so I started posting recipes. Then, people asked me where we went at weekends, so I found I was retyping the same information for friends, so I posted those trips as well!

“Then I started doing more on parenting and reviews on our travels.” Recent posts include Tips for Making Swimming Lessons Less Stressful  and My Tips for Dealing with Fussy Eaters (And Why the Usual Advice is Rubbish).


“People say they love my honesty about life – I blog about things that interest me.”

Her approach has proven successful, with thousands of followers and more also on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

National profile for Bumbles of Rice blog

What started as a hobby in 2012 saw her appear in national newsprint as a foodie blogger to follow and writing features on topics such as breastfeeding and cooking for kids.

Does she feel the pressure now that her views are so popular?

“I like to share stuff and if I’m busy, I let it slide. And, there’s a lot of my life that I don’t share and I don’t take on a lot of sponsored work. This is my hobby. I enjoy it, it gives me an outlet to be creative. And, sometimes, I write to figure out my opinion about something.”


And, the blog is where she shares her passions. Indeed, one September post, A Love Letter to Gorey went viral with shares all over social media. “It’s the most popular thing I ever wrote – it got 5000 hits in two days! It was great to see people relating to it.”

In the meantime, Sinead’s gonna keep on blogging! Check out her blog for nuggets about parenting, food, recipes, travel, work, and reviews on books and more!

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