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Content Marketing – It’s Not About You!

It’s not about you!

That’s a difficult content marketing lesson for a lot of business people.

And, yet, if you are to win new business, it’s important to realise that, actually, it’s all about the client.

I love this quote“Content marketing is any communication from an organization that is so useful, interesting, or entertaining that the target audience consumes it voluntarily.”

Providing Solutions

And readers will willingly take your content on board when it answers their key question: What’s in it for me?

Really, all people want to know is how can you make their lives easier? How can you save their business money? Can you improve the time/money management in their company? Will your copywriting get them new customers?

For your client, it’s all about them! Can you provide a solution to their need? Can you take a problem from their desk – write that report, update that website, run their payroll, cut their energy costs – and make a significant difference to their business?

If you can do that, and when you sit down to write your content, you must tell them how you can solve their problems. You convey your expertise by your understanding of their issues. Make yourself invaluable to them – show them that you understand what it is to walk in their shoes, and not just be able to talk the talk. As a result, they will feel understood – and this will increase their confidence in you.

The Importance Of ‘You’

The most important word in content marketing copy is ‘you’, not ‘I’ or ‘us’.

Empower your client, share information and your expertise willingly, be a plus not a minus.

Before you issue any content, whether that’s a Facebook post or an email marketing newsletter, ask yourself, ‘What problem am I solving for my client today? What value am I adding to their day?”

Or you could hire in the professionals – get a professional copywriter to turn your words into magic!

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