Is there such a thing as the rural vote?

The recent outcome of the Brexit referendum might, on first glance, show a difference between rural and urban voting. Geographically, Scotland, London, and Norther Ireland voted to stay in the EU, but outside the capital, every English region voted in the majority to leave. According to pundits, the divide was more along prosperity and education lines – the better off […]

Day 6 in Ottawa: 7th World Congress of EI

I was delighted to be invited by Education International to work at its 7th World Congress in Ottawa from 21-26 July. My task was to write news stories for EI’s website and its Congress website based on the proceedings at the Congress, which was attended by over 1700 people. Here are the news stories from the final day, including urgent resolutions […]

Day 5: 7th World Congress in Ottawa

From 21 July-26 July, I’ve been working for Education International at the 7th World Congress of this global federation of education unions. The conference is being held in Ottawa, Canada. The Congress is being attended by 950 delegates and 750 observers from 400 organisations and 170 countries. Its theme is Unite for Quality Education, Better education for a better world. Here […]

Working in Ottawa at World Congress for Education International

I’m delighted to have been commissioned to work at Education International’s 7th World Congress in Ottawa from July 21-26.  As a freelance editor working on website copy for Education International, my role will be to provide news stories from the congress for Education International’s website. This work builds on the existing editing consultancy I provide on reports and website content […]

Adult education magazine and conference

We’re delighted to be attending and speaking at the conference of the National Association of Adult and Community Education Directors (NACED) over the next few days. At the conference, the magazine celebrating NACED’s 40th anniversary will be launched. We compiled the magazine, editing contributions from luminaries such as Bride Rosney, a former school principal and former President Mary Robinson’s right […]