Wexford’s Ambassador programme: feature

In much the same way that The Gathering in 2013 harnessed the nostalgia and goodwill of the diaspora, Wexford County Council is harnessing the pride and civic spirit of its own successful sons and daughters through its innovative Ambassador Programme. Read my feature on this innovative programme in Council Review magazine:  

Feature on Suicide Prevention Patrols

Check out my latest feature on voluntary suicide prevention patrols – EmSvs_Suicide Prevention_2014 for Ocean Publishing‘s magazine, Emergency Services Ireland. It explores how the voluntary suicide patrol initiative – Wexford MarineWatch – has reduced the rate of suicide in Wexford harbour to zero. The feature also look at similar initiatives in Waterford, Limerick, and Derry.

Feature on Cross Border Co-operation

Check out my latest feature for Ocean Publishing‘s magazine, http://emergency-services.ie/. It explores how the newly-established Cross-Border Emergency Management Working Group is working with the International Centre for Local and Regional Development and the All-Island Research Observatory on a pilot project to map resources such as local authority offices, rest centres, evacuation centres and fire stations along the border area.

Working at World Women’s Conference in Dublin

I’m delighted to have been commissioned to work at Education International’s Second World Women’s Conference on April 7-9 in Dublin. As a freelance editor working on website copy for Education International, my role will be to provide news stories from the conference for Education International’s website. This work builds on the existing editing consultancy I provide on reports and website […]

10 ways to a long and healthy life

1 Get walking. If you’re unfit, you’re twice as likely to die from a heart attack. The Irish Heart Foundation recommends that you get in 30 minutes of activity most days – gardening, walking, housework, gym, swimming. 2 Drink in moderation. A glass of red wine a day works wonders for your system – antioxidants help prevent cancer. Too much […]