Education International client work

One of my clients is Education International (EI), a federation of global education unions. Based in Brussels, EI lobbies and advocates at an international level on behalf of people working in education, from early education, through to primary, secondary, third-level and further education.  ed int

Much of the content on EI’s website originated in another language – usually French or Spanish. This is translated by EI staff in Brussels and my function is to provide the UK English expertise. Very often, meaning does indeed get lost in translation and, as well as editing for the usual grammar and punctuation errors, my role involves clarifying the meaning for an audience reading in their native English language.

unite4edFor the past year, EI has run a very successful Unite for Quality Education campaign, highlighting the importance for learning of quality teachers, quality tools, and quality environment. This campaign culminates on World Teachers’s Day on 5 October.teach day

You can follow Education International on Twitter: @eduint