How do you promote your business?

In July, I asked readers of Good Business News ezine how they promote their businesses and what works for them. Ideally, these responses will be of assistance to other business people in helping you to think outside the box when it comes to promoting your business and turning that promotion into hard cash.

Here are the results:

How do you promote your business?
(Listed in order of majority response)

1 Networking
2 Brochures
3 Other (Free health clinics, media, internet & house parties, own website, online forums, street adverts)
4 Facebook
5 Local newspapers ads
6 Direct mail to existing clients
7 Direct mail to potential clients

Comments from respondents:
:: I have found that networking and word-of-mouth to be the most successful way to market my business. 

:: 75% of my new clients come from referrals from satisfied current / past clients.

:: 50% of my work comes from referrals and 50% from online forums.

:: Have tried all of the above but found the best promotion is through word of mouth and a very intensive PR drive.

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