How to lose your audience!

I’m writing this post in silence. Why? Because I turned off The John Murray Show on RTE Radio 1. Why? Because he is featuring – again – the Operation Transformation team, in a cross-promotion from the RTE television programme.


I have absolutely no interest in Operation Transformation, a programme where people are facilitated to lose weight. It’s a great idea, doing good work; I’m just not interested in it.

RTE has cross-promoted programmes between radio and television for years. And, in much the same way, people on social media are posting the same content on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. Not so much cross-promoting, as much as taking a confetti approach to social media marketing. If you throw the same coloured content in as many places as possible, some of it will land on the bride and groom.

For me, that leads to the ‘Hide’ button on Facebook, or the ‘Unfollow’ button on Twitter. No one wants to see the same content all over the place. It’s why we buy different newspapers – to get a different perspective on the news.

Place different content that adds value across the various social media you use. After all, if you lose your audience, what’s the point?