Source, a Spring feeling at Bord na Mona

Check out Bord na Mona’s in-house magazine, Source, published by Zahra Publishing. At SpellCheck, we are contracted by Zahra to work on the editorial content for the magazines and are delighted, as usual, with the new issue. We are currently working on content for the forthcoming Summer issue.

Lead from the front!

We recently worked on website content directly for a client – and not the website designer. We had two weeks to turn around what was a significant amount of copy, involving research and copywriting. We turned that job around in one week. Why? Because we knew that the client was not giving the website designer enough time to upload the […]

10 ways to a long and healthy life

1 Get walking. If you’re unfit, you’re twice as likely to die from a heart attack. The Irish Heart Foundation recommends that you get in 30 minutes of activity most days – gardening, walking, housework, gym, swimming. 2 Drink in moderation. A glass of red wine a day works wonders for your system – antioxidants help prevent cancer. Too much […]

Don’t mix alcohol and medicines

It’s Christmas Eve and the temptation is to have a few beers or a glass of wine to celebrate the festive season. All that is fine, as long as you are not on any medicines – over the counter or prescribed. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the risks of mixing medicines and alcohol and the fact that mixing alcohol […]