Success leaves clues, says Sean Gallagher

(16 April 2015) If I say anything negative about entrepreneur Sean Gallagher’s ‘Success leaves clues’ presentation at yesterday’s Carlow Local Enterprise Office’s Connector networking event, I’m going against his mantra to be positive.

So, in the interests of positivity, a few of the points I highlighted were:

What is the ‘pivot’ of your business? This refers to the element that turned things around for you. So, for instance, in the case of the Avoca stores, which started from humble beginnings as a mill selling woven shawls, the ‘pivot’ was food. This helped them turn their store in Kilmacanogue into a destination, a day trip, so that they could replicate the Saturday busy trade any other day of the week. Can you identify what ‘pivot’ will take your business to the next level?

SMEs are the heart and soul of the country. While Ireland may chase foreign direct investment, these multinationals are not heading to towns and villages ‘down the country’. And, so, in order to sustain local communities, small businesses need to be set up – and supported. Sustainable local community development depends on enterprise development and indigenous business development. Local businesses support jobs and, in turn, keep people in local communities which helps to keep the national school in the community, and the post office, and the local football team ..

And now, in post-recession Ireland, there’s a return to a commercial focus and a local focus of supporting each other. In business, it’s back to basics, where quality, customer service and value for money are the key drivers. That, and remaining relevant to your market.

Oh, and surround yourself with positive people …