Working at World Women’s Conference in Dublin

I’m delighted to have been commissioned to work at Education International’s Second World Women’s Conference on April 7-9 in Dublin.

As a freelance editor working on website copy for Education International, my role will be to provide news stories from the conference for Education International’s website.

This work builds on the existing editing consultancy I provide on reports and website content for this global federation of education trade unions.

The conference theme is ‘Women in Trade Unions and in Education: from Words to Action’, and the main objective of the conference is to provide the space and opportunity for representatives of EI’s affiliates to share, analyse, and provide feedback on good union practices that have concretely improved equality for women and men in unions and in education.

See our news stories published on the conference here:

Dublin: Women central to sustainable future development (07 April 2014)

Dublin: Different struggles, same goals for women in education (08 April 2014)

Dublin: Collective action, individual responsibility at heart of sustainable progress on gender equity (09 April 2014)