Working in Ottawa at World Congress for Education International

I’m delighted to have been commissioned to work at Education International’s 7th World Congress in Ottawa from July 21-26. ottawa

As a freelance editor working on website copy for Education International, my role will be to provide news stories from the congress for Education International’s website.

This work builds on the existing editing consultancy I provide on reports and website content for this global federation of education trade unions which is based in Brussels. It also follows on from my work at Education International’s Second World Women’s Conference in Dublin in April 2014.

The congress theme is ‘Unite for Quality Education – Better Education for a Better World’.

Nearly 2,000 delegates, observers and guests from around the world will convene in Canada’s capital for the Congress. Held every four years, the World Congress of Education International (EI) is a premier event that brings together the largest global network of organizations representing education workers in the world.

EI’s 30 million members from over 400 organisations will be represented by these delegates who will be creating policy to support publicly funded public education and to speak out on social justice and human rights issues as they relate to children and the wider society.

Delegates will consider the major contemporary issues affecting their professional organisations, the international teacher trade union movement, the trade union movement generally, and the ongoing struggle to achieve quality public education for all.

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